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The dog days of summer – and a bit about trees.

It was lovely today. It happened in that way that Scotland has, of throwing up beautiful days at random, sprinkled between the cold, the windy and the wet ones. A gleaming day, at times a hot day, with just a glimpse of autumn – a tree here or there tinged with paprika or ginger.  I […]

The Burnieshead Hideaway Ecotourism

The Burnieshead Hideaway, on a lovely woodland footpath on the Cateran trail, overlooking two beaver ponds and one beaver dam, is a little bit like a wildlife watching hide, but it is also a romantic off-grid glamping hut of great charm. It has a four poster bed, built from beaver cut wood, and a woodburning […]

Summer 2016 – Bamff Ecotourism Gathers Speed

This new season has been our most exciting yet. The yurts are almost constantly full with our delightful guests, with changeovers almost every day. We have lovely cleaners, Tanya and Brook who wizz round with great efficiency. The Gate Lodge is finished and letting well and nearly everyone seems happy with what we have to […]

The Yurts are online!

Our first guests are arriving this week-end and the weather is warm and sunny.  The yurts are up online for you to book via this website. More ways to book will follow.  We are launching with a “Yurt Welcome Special Deal” with a 20% reduction until mid July just to get things underway. In exchange […]

Summer at Bamff

Flowers We had an American visitor here at the week-end who was astonished by the size of our flowers. She was a keen gardener and had some of the same flowers in her own garden as we have in ours, but she said ours were much bigger.  Flowers – gardens and wild flowers –  are […]

Feral offspring, Pony extraction and Rewilding

George Monbiot’s “Feral” and our feral offspring I’ve been away from home, taking in a bit of the Edinburgh Book Festival where I heard the very inspiring George Monbiot speak about his wonderful new book on rewilding, “Feral”,  which give favourable mention to the Tay Beavers. I also saw some of the Fringe, including our […]

Beaver surgery and BBC’s the One Show at Bamff

I just got back from watching the beavers.  There were two of them out, an adult and a kit, grazing next to the pool, very relaxed, munching away on grass and other plants, sweet teddybearish expressions clearly visible through the binoculars.  As I headed home a vivid raspberry pink sunset was reflected in the still […]