This new season has been our most exciting yet. The yurts are almost constantly full with our delightful guests, with changeovers almost every day. We have lovely cleaners, Tanya and Brook who wizz round with great efficiency. The Gate Lodge is finished and letting well and nearly everyone seems happy with what we have to offer at Bamff.

The beavers in the Burnieshead pools had three kits this year and they have been regularly seen by our guests. Guests have also seen otters, herons, lots of roe deer, and recently a wildcat!

The weather has done its usual Scottish thing of varying from day to day, but there has been a fair bit of rain and plenty of sunshine as a consequence of which the vegetation has gone crazy. There are six foot hogweeds down the drive and the wild raspberries have never been bigger, more abundant or juicier.

Thank you to all the guests who have brightened our summer with your enthusiastic response to our new ventures.

The composting loo for the Hideaway is being built this week and next – and then it will be advertised and available for letting. A couple of things caused a few delays on that front – but as Helen Fraser, our ever optimistic housekeeper, always says, “We’re getting there!”