This year we are going to expand the availability of holiday accommodation at Bamff to include a second holiday self catering cottage, the Bamff Lodge, which will be known as the “Beaver Lodge” as it is within yards of what are probably the UK’s best beaver wetlands!
Above two beaver-made pools on the Cateran Trail we are building a beaver hide   “The Bamff Hideaway”. In recognition of the nocturnal habits of beavers and other wildlife, there will be a double bed, which will make this a wonderful “glamping” destination – off the beaten path with wood burning stove and no electricity – it will offer exceptional access for wildlife watchers and photographers.

We will also add 2 beautiful yurts on the campsite at the back of the castle in the spring.Each with their own stove, they will be available for short breaks or longer stays. Washing and extra cooking/ eating  facilities will be available within the castle’s Garden Room, as well as a campfire and barbecue out of doors for use in good weather.

Ecotours will also be on offer, as usual but more so!  Watch this space!

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