Rewild Yourself: Bushcraft Weekend

Step out of the stress and unending To Do lists of modern life by coming on a bushcraft weekend. This is your chance to rewild yourself, to reconnect with nature and your ancestors who lived this way for millennia.

This is not about macho survival. This is about learning how to be completely at home in the outdoors, learning skills that make it fun, safe and relaxing to be in nature.

We start with a walk to explore our surroundings and get to know our home for the day. We’ll do some foraging and natural navigation where you learn to read and connect with the environment. Then it’s time to build our shelter!

With this, we can protect ourselves, shelter a fire and make a workspace. We will forage and improvise materials and let the design of the structure be influenced by availability, time and skill. No two shelters are the same.

Now it’s time for the magic of fire.

Once we’ve built a fire, we’ll have warmth, a way to purify our water and cook our food, and even create a signal if we need it. Here you will have a chance to explore various fire making techniques from a flint and steel to a bow drill.

As soon as shelter and fire are established we can look at our other needs, problem solving and making our stay more comfortable: brew pine tea, make simple camp tools, improvise cordage, sit and be still.

About your instructor Malcolm Handoll

Malcolm Handoll with tinder nestMalcolm comes from another age, having grown up cooking on an open fire, living at times in a farmhouse with no electricity or running water. He acquired his skills by walking the mountains of Snowdonia and orienteering. He studied Geography then a Masters in Environmental Technology before gaining his Mountain Leadership certificate and teaching navigation.

Malcolm helps people rewild themselves by connecting with nature, using all their senses.

He is passionate about the wonders of nature, often going barefoot to improve awareness and ground himself. He also enjoys not eating sugar, meditation and sometimes instigates power-off weekends (no electricity) for fun!

He specialises in teaching navigation, fire making and outdoor-living skills. He is happiest with his family, sat by a fire drinking green tea, or sat on a mountain top, waiting and watching.

BOOK AND PAY BELOW or find out more by emailing Malcolm at malcolm@allfivesenses.com, calling 01828633098 or texting 07921383503.


Jul 02 - 04 2021


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Malcolm Handoll


Malcolm Handoll
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