Bamff Bio Blitz

Big Bamff Bio Blitz

A citizen science event. We will be surveying local invertebrate populations as part of our on going rewilding efforts.

About this event

Join us at Bamff for a day of surveying as part of our rewilding efforts.

We have recently given over additional land to our rewilding efforts. These citizen science survey days form a valuable part of our whole surveying program which monitor our rewilding impacts.

This is a great event for any one interested in conservation, rewilding or invertebrates (bugs!) or even if you just like the idea of learning some new skills and spending a few hours helping out in this idyllic setting.

You don’t need to have any surveying experience, we’ll teach you everything you need need on the day. Its a great chance for young people to get involved in science and learn some new skills.

What to bring

  • measuring tape
  • spade and trowel (if possible)
  • plastic sack or bag
  • an umbrella (this has a surveying application, so bring it even if its sunny!)
  • some yoghurt pots or Tupperware containers with lids
  • a notebook and pen
  • a camera – a mobile phone camera is sufficient
  • insect repellent and sun cream
  • snacks and drinks – unfortunately we can’t provide any refreshments due to Covid-19 so please bring what you need

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Social distancing:

Tickets are issued on a per household basis. You just need one ticket for your whole household or “bubble” will will be practicing social distancing between groups and encourage surveying within your own household group. We will split the day into morning and afternoon sessions to aid with social distancing.

Please choose which session you want to attend when you book your tickets.

We would like this event to be conducted as safely as possible and will be adhering to social distancing rules and the whole event will take place outside. When you arrive at the front of the house, we will place the equipment we are providing at stations marked with numbered slates at safe distance along the fence posts of the field in front of the house. Please find your station to collect your things and you can wait there till everyone’s ready to begin. If you need the loo while you’re here, we would encourage a discreet ‘al fresco’ pee. But if you really do need to go to a proper loo there is one on the ground floor we will give access to. Just ask. It would be great for everyone’s safety if you wore a mask in that event and obviously you should wash your hands well afterwards. You may want to bring hand sanitiser.


Jul 17 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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